AndMe  #AndMe

Exeter Stress Clinic supports this campaign against stigma of mental health issues in Doctors, Vets and Dentists. 
It was launched at the Palace of Westminster in Feb 2017.
Please contact the Doctor Support Network to find out how you can get behind this important campaign. Help others in the medical professions by speaking up about mental health.

Tea and Empathy facebook group- grass roots peer support

You can join this excellent initiative by looking at the public facebook group of the same name. It offers grass roots peer support to medics. The threads are inspiring and informative. They cover every subject you can think of that would have an impact on stress and trauma for medics , their friends, families and indeed their patients and colleagues.
Why not develop the same sort of help for your profession too?

Please look at our new creativity and art studio project at 
- a creative nest by the sea!
We offer creativity workshops here and can offer a variety of mediums for you to choose from- contact us for more details. All levels welcome in groups of 4. 
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