ABOUT Exeter Stress Clinic

We specialise in high quality CBT, EMDR and clinical hypnotherapy. We are fully insured and regulated.
Please do make contact to see how we can be of service to you.
Our mission is to offer an entirely person-centred and effective service so that you can live the life you want to , unhampered by feeling overwhelmed by the past or lacking in hope about your future. 

If we cannot see you face to face we do offer an online service. Contact us to find out if this could help you access what you want and need. We offer skype, 'go to meeting' or phone contact.

We are fully regulated as a confidential and independent service for all who use us.

We are members of  BSCH and NHC. We are fully insured and abide by strict rules of ethics and confidentiality as set out in the codes of conduct of the above Societies and Councils.

Treatment and what to expect

Sessions are usually 1 hour for face to face stress management using CBT or clinical hypnotherapy and may be up to 1.5hrs for EMDR treatment for traumatic memory or anxiety.
Cost is £80/HOUR, payable by cash or cheque at the clinic or paypal on line.
For skype sessions, the cost is £60/hour.

Once you make contact we can discuss any concerns in total confidence with you. Contact is preferable via email or phone, however you feel comfortable. We aim to get back to you within 1 working day.

We do not offer free first 'try out' sessions but do our best to make sure the first session is relevant and appropriate for your goals. If we cannot help you in the way we think is most appropriate we endeavour to point you to other services. 

Some sessions demand homework. We usually recommend from 3-6 sessions and rarely do more than 6 sessions although we may recommend others who we know to help you further with aims, should we not be able to fully help you with your goals once we have offered you all we can. Most people who come to us are helped within the 6 sessions and rate our service as extremely effective.

All care is taken to make sure that you feel safe and secure in choosing to come to us for help. We abide by the strictest ethical and professional UK codes of practice.

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