Jo Bowen Therapy at the Exeter Stress Clinic

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offering you the best evidence based and person centred approach to stress and anxiety
using CBT, EMDR, transformational coaching  and clinical hypnotherapy 
at the Exeter Stress Clinic on line or in person
for anxiety, performance, confidence, stress reduction and traumatic memory
The clinic specialises in treating professionals in high demand areas such as medicine, emergency care services, law, accountancy and teaching. We also specialise in helping stress issues related to infertility and life cycle change.


Dr Jo Bowen runs the Exeter Stress Clinic. We offer high quality therapy to a wide range of people and work to create a culture where mind-body medicine is valued as a way for people to find maximum well being and fulfilment.

About Jo Bowen

Jo trained as a psychiatrist (a medical doctor specialising in mental health) and worked in clinics and hospitals in London for many years before deciding to move exclusively into the field of psychotherapy, coaching and mediation.  She now directs the Exeter Stress Clinic and specialises in trauma, stress and  transformational coaching in SW UK.
She has published peer reviewed papers, articles and books in the field of stress, conflict, creativity and mental health. 
Special interests include treating stress in doctors and high demand caring professions, infertile couples and female life cycle changes. The clinic links up with highly qualified practitioners in holistic person centred medicine nationally and internationally.
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